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Campbell County Health includes Campbell County Memorial Hospital, a progressive acute care DNV accredited 90 bed hospital with a 150 bed long term care facility, physician clinics and a full complement of acute care services. We are certified as an Area Trauma Hospital by the State of Wyoming. Gillette is located between the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and majestic Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Enjoy an outstanding quality of life and no state tax in Wyoming. For immediate consideration, apply online at

Carol Aberle, HR Generalist
Human Resources
Campbell County Health
P. O. Box 3011, Gillette, WY 82717
Phone: 307-688-1501 or 800-208-2043

Company History

Known as the Energy Capital of Nation, Gillette and Campbell County Wyoming produces more than 30% of the nation’s coal and is rich in oil, natural gas and coalbed methane. Gillette began as railroad hub in the 1890’s and ranching continues to be an important industry on northeast Wyoming’s wide-open ranges and rolling plains.

In June of 1953, a 31-bed, red brick hospital was built in Gillette at a cost of $275,000. Four physicians and one visiting surgeon served the community of 2,190, which was then on the brink of an oil boom. Residents and community leaders continued looking to the future of healthcare with the opening of Campbell County Memorial Hospital in 1981.

Expansion and improvements to the facility began almost immediately, with construction of a fourth and fifth floor, Emergency Room and Outpatient Surgery additions and construction of the two-story annex on the north end of the building. The most recent addition is the Heptner Radiation Oncology Center, completed in 2002.

As the community grows and changes, Campbell County Memorial Hospital will continue to develop programs and services to meet the healthcare needs of our citizens.


Medical Insurance
-- Flexible Benefits Plan/Cafeteria Plan (Section 125 of Internal Revenue Code)
-- 90/10 Plan for services at CCMH
-- 80/20 Plan for services not available at CCMH
-- 50/50 Plan for services available at CCMH and completed elsewhere
-- Self-insured with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Wyoming acting as administrator
-- Deductibles: based on employee choices through the hospital Cafeteria Plan*
-- Maximum out-of-pocket for covered expenses after deductible: based on employee choices through the hospital Cafeteria Plan*
-- Cost to employee: pre-tax payroll deduction taken every pay period (i.e., every two weeks) based on employee choices through the Cafeteria Plan*
-- Co-pay office visits*
-- Preventive Care benefit*
-- Full-time and Part-time employees may purchase

Dental Insurance
-- 6 month check-ups (preventative care) paid at 100% of allowable expenses
-- Self-insured with Delta Dental of Wyoming
-- Deductibles: $45-$90 based on employee choices*
-- Maximum of $1500 per covered person per plan year
-- Basic restorative: 85% benefit
-- Major restorative: 50% benefit
-- Orthodontic for under 23 years of age: 50% of covered expenses to lifetime of $1750
-- Cost to employee: pre-tax payroll deduction taken every pay period based on employee choices*
-- Full-time and Part-time employees may purchase

Vision Plan (Optional)
-- Vision exam every 12 months with panel approved optometrists. $10 deductible per visit.
-- Basic lenses paid in full every 12 months. Additional costs for extras.
-- One pair of basic frames paid in full every 24 months. $15 deductible per frame.
-- Contact lenses may be paid up to $115
-- Cost to employee: based on employee choices*
-- Full-time and Part-time employees may purchase

Life Insurance
-- Base salary (up to $50,000) term life and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) paid by hospital, full-time only
-- May purchase $20,000-$300,000 additional term life. Cost dependent on age/tobacco use and taken as an after-tax payroll deduction.
-- Spouse and/or child term life available at additional cost as an after-tax payroll deduction.

Paid Time Off (PTO)
-- May accrue up to 24 days off per year, full time. May be used for:
• Holidays
• Vacations
• First 24 hours of routine illness
• Personal time
-- Available after 6 months of employment. Increases after 5 and 10 years.
-- Carries over year to year. May accrue up to 48 days (384 hours).
-- Part-time may accrue up to 12 days off per year.

Family/Medical Leave
-- Upon approval and 30 day advance notice (absent an emergency), up to 12 weeks unpaid leave of absence for family or personal medical conditions.
-- Continued insurance coverage during leave.
-- Same or equivalent job upon return to work.

Short Term Disability (STD)
-- May accrue up to 9 days per year, full-time
-- May accrue up to 4.5 days per year, part-time.
-- Used for illnesses, injuries, etc.
-- Carries over year to year. May accrue up to 65 days (520 hours).

Long Term Disability
-- Insures 60% of basic monthly earnings after 90 day elimination period ($100/month minimum to $5000/month maximum).
-- Cost of plan paid by hospital, for full time employees.

Shift Differential
-- $1.00/hour evening shift (5-11)
-- $2.50/hour night shift (11-7)

Weekend Shift Differential
-- From 11 PM Friday until 7 AM Monday:
RN's - $3.00/hour additional
All Other Clinical Staff - $2.00/hour additional
All other hourly staff - $1.50/hour additional

Stand By
-- $2.00/hour for scheduled stand by when not actually at work
-- Pays time and one half for minimum of 2 hours when called in (except for EMS staff)

-- Available after six months of full-time or part-time employment.
-- Full-time employees may be eligible for 24 worked hours paid time off for death in immediate family.
-- Part-time employees may be eligible for 12 worked hours paid time off for death in immediate family.

Jury and Witness Duty
-- Hospital will pay the difference between the jury or witness duty pay and the employee's regular rate of pay when absent during a scheduled shift.

Military Duty Compensation
-- Hospital will pay the difference between the employee's base military pay and regular rate of pay for up to 15 days of authorized military training.
-- Military leave is also available.

On-Site Child Care
-- Employee child care on-site.

Annuity Retirement Plan
-- All employees may make contributions by payroll deduction.
-- After three years of continuous employment, the hospital contributes 5% of compensation to the Tax Sheltered Annuity.
-- Employees may contribute up to the Federally mandated dollar amount annually.
-- Withdrawals are governed by the rules of the Internal Revenue Service.
-- Employees may elect how their funds are invested
-- Contributions are made on pre-tax dollars.

-- Hospital based inservices (all shifts).
-- Educational Cost Reimbursement Program.

-- Flexible Spending Plan (Section 125)
-- Direct deposit of paychecks
-- Service Awards
-- Notary Public at no cost
-- Annual Awards Banquet
-- Activity committee functions
-- Lockers
-- Free parking
-- 20% discount on cafeteria meals

Note: The content of this benefits summary is printed for general information only and is subject to revision periodically. Precise information on the implementation and exceptions to the benefits mentioned here can be found in the hospital's policies, procedures and benefit plan descriptions.

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